Estefania Narvaez was born in Boston, MA and began dancing flamenco at the age of 5 studying with Ramon de Los Reyes, Clara Ramona and Omayra Amaya. As a child she performed with Ramon de los Reyes Spanish Dance Theatre. While going to middle and high school she spent her free time performing with her father who was a guitarist in the family based troupe El Arte Flamenco and also with Omayra Amaya’s company Flamenco Sin Limites II. She lived in Madrid and Seville, Spain and studied with El Torombo, Concha Vargas, Los Farrucos, El Oruco, Manuela Rios, Juan Ogalla, Juana Amaya and many others.

While studying at New York University she toured the east coast with the Philadelphia based troupe Pasión y Arte as well as with Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana dance company based in New York City. After receiving her BA from NYU she moved to the west coast and began touring with the San Francisco based company Theatre Flamenco.

She also toured with the Latin/Reggae/Rumba Flamenca fusion band LoCura, playing percussion and dancing. She has since spent six summers performing in Santa Fe, New Mexico, three of which were six nights a week at the María Benítez Cabaret Theater with Juan Siddi Flamenco Santa Fe Company. In 2012 Estefania was featured as a soloist for the summer season with JSFSF and she has also toured in both six-week winter nationwide tours in 2012 and 2013, and with Aspen Santa Fe Ballet in 2016 at prestigious dance venues such as the Joyce Theatre in New York City and Jacobs Pillow Dance Festival.

Between January 2013 and October 2016 Estefania lived in Seville Spain, training and performing full time at el Auditorio Alvarez Quintero. She frequently travels between the Bay Area, New York City and New England where you will find her giving workshops and dancing at various venues.

About me

Daughter of first generation immigrants, I am of Colombian and Puerto Rican descent. I was born in Boston, MA where I first saw flamenco at 5 years of age with Ramon de Los Reyes Spanish Dance Theatre, and I’ve been taking classes ever since! But I clearly remember the day when I first fell in love with flamenco. I was 9 years old and I realized that flamenco was a vehicle to challenge myself and find my own strength and beauty. I was a shy young latina girl raised in a traditional catholic household. My mother modeled part time and at one point was miss Puerto Rico of Chelsea, MA. While she wanted me to model with her when I was younger, I never felt that was for me. Instead I was drawn to dancers like Concha Vargas who inspired courage and defied gravity when she leapt in the air despite her motherly roundness, maintaining an unusual sense of groundedness and raw feminine force.

Concha Vargas

I started my training with Spanish Dance Theatre in Boston where Ramon de los Reyes, Clara Ramona and their now internationally acclaimed sons offered a good base of knowledge and the platform from which I went on to study with many other teachers including Omayra Amaya, the grandniece of Carmen Amaya. I left home to live in New York City, Madrid and Seville, Spain to study with many different teachers, as well as to tour and perform. I keep learning, voraciously, about everything flamenco and all aspects of it. Music and dance is the reflection of what I love, who I am and want to become… and that remains the beauty of it. I am continuously taking classes to date, watching performances, and spending time making and sharing the music with my companions.

Musicians Coral & Lomas in a juerga

On stage when improvising, communicating with those present, under varying circumstances you never know what is going to happen. You sink into the moments and make the best of what you have. It is my moment to surprise myself, and sometimes surprise the musicians! On and off the stage, there is no other place I want to be. Sharing music, I feel I can best connect with myself and the universe. It is beautiful when we create the stage for each other to express ourselves, and shine together.

                   At the local bar El Redoble in Sevilla, Manuel Molina plays the guitar and sings and Juan del Gastor inspired, gets up to dance a pataita



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Short film: STEPHANIE'S CAPRICE selected in 2016 for Vo'Arte Associação, Agite y Sirva · Festival Itinerante de Videodanza, Muestra Movimiento,Audiovisual, Fiva Almagro, Riurau Film Festival